Embodiment. Mindfulness. Connection. Movement Meditation. Self Regulation. Practice of Presence.
The invitation is to come just as you are, sometimes solo, coming together in partnership and gathering as a circle. There is no steps to learn, nothing to do it wrong.


One on One Somatic Coaching & Mindfulness sessions based on Open Floor resources. 


Open Floor – Art in Motion. Workshops and Ongoing Groups.
The Artist brings something into the World that didn’t exist before, And he does it without destroying something else  – John Updike




Tamara! This was a real cutting-edge work­shop among those I’ve been at­tendig for years. It helped lead­ing my thoughts in the di­rec­tion of the de­sired. Of the su­per ex­cit­ing “yet-non-physical”. In the di­rec­tion where I can feel lighter, with­out lack­ing some­thing, strong, ca­pa­ble, con­fi­dent, wor­thy, in­spired, amaz­ing… Al­though we did not talked much I have the feel­ing that there was a great em­pha­sis on our own re­spon­si­bil­ity of our vi­bra­tional state of be­ing. I learned feel­ing su­per is kind of mat­ter of our choice – and if we dare to make it, an up­ward spi­ral be­gins work­ing pretty instantaneously.

It’s okay, I’ve heard this al­ready from a hand­ful of con­tem­po­rary gu­rus. How­ever, all this un­der­stand­ing com­bined with day long move­ment prac­tices (and instruction-less free dances) have made these so alive, so true, so vivid, valid and au­then­tic that it could reach some very deep area inside…

Many thanks Tamara, for lead­ing the group to­wards these experiences!”

Dávid Ko­hout, Budapest

Dear Tamara,

Thank you for a bril­liant work­shop. Thank you for walk­ing your talk and liv­ing from your soul. Any­one who val­ues them­selves as a unique soul who wants to ex­press them­selves to the full and is will­ing to trust in the process and your skil­ful guid­ance can­not value to bring away last­ing richness.

Every as­pect was thor­oughly pro­fes­sional and I know you will go from strength to strength.

With love,

Alexan­dra xxx, London

Dear Tamara, thank you for being so caring around us. I`ve been landing very happy in my everyday real world. Smiles and deep relaxing breaths are visiting me and I feel like having done something very precious for myself.

About the workshop I want to say, that the theory of first declaring the wanted feelings and then to find out what to do, is very helpful for me. I had been thinking nearly my entire life about things, which could be quite hard and desperate. Only the last few years stuff got more clear and I got more and more relaxed. But being shy and introverted didn`t make it easier to live the life I imagined.

So having many feelings formulated and named and kind of explained, my head could calm down calm down and let the body and soul take the leadership. This is where your personal style how to make the workshop with so much dancing, plays a major role. I noticed in the beginning when everybody started to move, I was a bit overstrained or overwhelmed and didn`t know what to do. But by continuously pushing myself like, this is it, just do it, it got easier and easier. And when I finally understood that no one was watching or kind of judging me, I lost even more of my shells. This was a big step for me. You were supporting us by the chosen music, there were different moods and feelings that came out and wanted to be expressed. Ten years ago I would not have believed I even could like this. But now things are different. And on the last day I felt so sure and I could kind of „control” the room, the space, and interact with the people at a different level – that was magic. I haven`t experienced this with so many people before. Thank you very much for this! Plus, I feel like I got a level up at feeling self-confident and self-assured. And I learned once more to enjoy my body and to move.

So now the seed is planted and about to grow. I`m so happy!

Karen, Berlin

Photography: Tamara RomaniukJens Wazel, Andrzej Pilichowski 

Design: Tamara Romaniuk

Realization: Markus Hoffmann