[#2] Psych-surfing straight to your values and beliefs.

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What do you value?

Now that you’ve completed the Rapid-Fire Questions, you may be a bit more familiar with who you are and what comes naturally to you.

Next you’ll explore Psych-Surfing, questions about what you value and believe in. Have a listen to the Visualization Audio up at the top to help you loosen your mind for the next set of questions.

Just like with the last set of questions, let your mind go and write. You can go with the first answer that comes to mind, change your answers, or jump all over the page. You can give one-word answers or cram in as many thoughts as you can fit into the space.




(Or listen to questions here)

Tip: If you find you’re struggling with not having your answers flow, grab a blank page and just write for a few minutes. Don’t worry about what you’re writing, how it sounds, or how it looks. Just let your stream of consciousness flow.

Until next week

xo, Tamara

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