[#3] Exploring Sensations of Positivity – what does it feel like to feel good?

One of the most powerful sensations is Joy. It is the full awareness of knowing exactly who you are.

In this Sensations of Positivity exercise, you’re going to spend some time with the feeling of joy. And let’s be really clear about something: joy is not the same as happiness.

Happiness is carbonated. It moves like the weather or the clouds in the sky. Joy is the atmosphere. And it is so big and so true, you can feel anything in the midst of it. You can still feel joy and feel rage. You can still feel joy and feel grief. Joy is everywhere.

Explore the sensations of positivity in guided visualization by Danielle LaPorte: Guided Reflection: Knowing how you want to feel




(Or listen to questions here)

These questions may feel abstract or esoteric. Roll with it. These questions will touch on your pleasure, your ecstasy, and your joy. For some of us, that’s not a familiar feeling. Give yourself the permission to go there.

In Joy,

Until next week

xo, Tamara

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