[#4] How you relate to people is how you relate to life.

How do you relate to people?

Because how you relate to people is often how you relate to life. Whether you’re with your BFF or the barista who hands you your coffee in the morning, there is a consistent attitude and energy that you bring.

This set of questions is going to help you uncover your energetic declaration. The attitude and energy you put into the world and in your relationships. The thoughts that come into your head as you wake, to the people you are trying to impress. It’s all related.

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(Or listen to questions here)

At this point in the journey, your heart is cracked open. Be oh-so-gentle with yourself. Prescribe yourself some self-care. Have a bath, move your body, tell someone you love how you feel about them. Head to the park, say a prayer. You are near the end of this exploration.

In Love and light,

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xo, Tamara

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