Be the gift You bring

While sitting at my desk planning for the Fall, it caught my eye . . . “Be the gift You bring” – a quote from the thumbnail collection of Danielle LaPorte.
The quote moved me into a different frame of mind, leaving behind the summer and moving into Autumn with its need for routine and structure.

Many of us have traveled, and communed with nature and our bodies. The readjustment to enclosure and the confines of a small room with a computer are difficult.
I continue to hunger for a connection to nature and my surroundings and people. I plan my days ahead to accommodate these needs while at the same time adjusting to the necessities of routine and confinement.

To quote my dear friend Hiro Boga, “Without vision and bright faith we’d stay asleep, or we’d shuffle dreamlessly along the familiar shore, ignoring the call of our true desires until we fall ill, or the safe harbor we’re so diligently clung to collapses in some inexplicable way.”



To go along with my soul desires and be the gift I bring I plan to:

for more connections:
– creating embodied movement practice on Sundays in studio K77 – starting October
classes in Berlin incorporating the Desire Map practice (when and where to be announced soon).
– creating the Desire Map ongoing group – Level 1 and Level 2

for more creativity:
– taking photos, writing stories and interviewing creative people who dare to live their passion in order to invite them them into my Local Heroes project, which I started 8 years ago in Poland – now it’s time to bring it to Berlin!

for more connection with nature:
– taking more walks and riding my bike
– creating a New Year in nature – perhaps between the German and Polish border


And what about you? What gift (of You) do you want to bring?