Becoming YOU is your life purpose

“You are the very purpose of your existence. Realizing what’s lights your fire and floats your boat – That’s your life purpose. What else could it be?” Danielle LaPorte


So then, the question is, are you willing to transform?

… to give it up; to be the fool, to re-write your story, to not recognize yourself; to believe differently; to be something, someone you have not yet known?


  • What if your time was your own to dream, create, build, connect and craft a life that looks and feels like the most authentic YOU?
  • What if you could stop hiding behind who people think you are and create fun, loving, soul-deep connections as your true self?
  • What if you felt confident and comfortable saying yes and no – even if other people were disappointed?
  • What if you had the clarity, energy and passion to follow your soul’s calling without financial burden, struggle or strain?


But right now…

You’re out of alignment with your soul’s voice and you’re unclear how to get back on track.

You feel miserable, trapped in a job that isn’t utilizing your true gifts and talents.

You worry that you’re wasting your life in a relationship where you’re not fully expressed or appreciated.

You have some clarity about what you want but you don’t feel courageous or confident enough to take the steps alone.

You feel disconnected from women in the same soul tribe as you – seekers, healers, explorers, teachers, world changers…




You don’t need another self-help book, personality test
or astrological reading to change your life.
You need to ignite your deepest desires.


The Desire Map weekend workshop is an immersion for entrepreneurs and employees, makers and doers, artists, healers and coaches + women who want more.


More purpose. More play. More adventure.
More connection, community and communion.


This is the last Desire Map workshop before summer time. Take a moment for yourself and DANCE RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CAGE! Register now.

The workshop will be filled with love, authenticity, connection and support.
We will build a safe space to connect from soul to soul and from heart to heart


Desire Map Workshop in Berlin, June 3-5:

Friday: 19.30 – 22.00 (open evening – cost 15 euro)
Saturday: 11.00 – 18.00 
Sunday: 11.00 – 14.00 

Price: 150 € ; Early bird price: 120 € till May 15th
Min­i­mum amount of par­tic­i­pants 6. Max­i­mum 20

The price includes Desire Map e-book + 1 hour implementing session after the workshop (valid for next two month, starting from the date of the workshop)

Place: LaborGras & Studio
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A
Kreuzberg, Berlin

Registration is open: 

Download the form and send to: or via post (the address included in the form)

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Have questions? e-mail:

Having doubt?
Come to the next session Moving with Desires
May 15th, 19.30-21.30
May 23rd, 18.00-19.30
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