Berlin is my favorite city, because it’s never finished

Living in Berlin I often experience high energy force. It takes extra practice to balance my energy here. This city is so full of inspiration, creativity and variety.
I remember John Irving saying: “Berlin is my favorite city, because it’s never finished”

I also hear from many young Berliners that it’s easy to be pulled into too many directions here and then get lost. It really takes a practice to balance the energy between high waves of enthusiasm to settling down and grounding.




In Open Floor language it’s called activation and settle. When we are being too activated our body has a natural need to release. 

When we pay attention to the subtle energy changes in our body – we start to recognize the shift between fluid state and the state of being overwhelmed. Once we get aware of the border line between those two stages we are able to navigate ourselves so we don’t get stuck or numbed.

By practicing we learn how to release or transform the energy in our body to maintain balance in our life.

During next Moving with Desires session, we will practice those skills by using the field of body awareness and an open mind.
Come to join us!


From January 24th till February 28th, 2016

The series of classes take place every Sunday for six weeks.

Our meetings will be supported by embodied movement practice inspired by Open Floor School of Embodiment. We will use anchors to keep us rooted in our bodies, open in our hearts and attentive in our minds as we explore simply being present.

Dates: 6 Sun­days:
Jan­u­ary 24th, 31st,
Febuary 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

Time: 17.30 – 19.30 h

Price: 15€
free of charge for refugees

Place: Refugio Center Lenaustr 4 , 12047 Berlin (second floor)

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Upcoming workshops and sessions:

Moving with Desires and Ecstatic Dance – mini workshop: Febuary 25th, 7 pm
Desire Map workshop Level 1
: April 9-10
Fire Starter Sessions: available from now