Between presence and wanting more

“Part of being whole is to live with the complete gratitude, presence and satisfaction … and that ever presence sensation of wanting more” Danielle LaPorte

I believe our soul comes to this earth to experience and realize itself.
Each of us is born with a sacred gift, this unique self which is unrepeatable.

If you are in love with somebody or you’re ever been truly loving someone in the past I’m sure you were able to see that untouchable, unrepeatable quality about that person.
You may say, oh this person is so vibrant, there is so much of her everywhere where she goes. Or you may say this person has so much depth, he is so grounded.
Probably this uniqueness attracted you to this person. Probably it was one of the reason you felt in love with that person.

What is is the most difficult for us is too see this unique part in ourselves. It’s much easier for us to see SOMEBODY light, truth, fire – however you want to call it, rather then seeing the uniqueness of oneself.

Probably this was the main reason why Danielle LaPorte created the concept of Core Desired Feelings – to bring us closer to our truth, our belonging, our sacred gift, so we can realize our potential in much more powerful way.

This Friday (Jan 15th) I’m organizing the open evening to the Desire Map workshop and I want to meet you!
My intention for this evening is to give you an impression about what this work is about so you could use it as fuel to realize your potential.


When: Friday, January 15th

Time: 19.30-22.00

Price: 15 € with earlier registration by email to
Paid at the door: 20 €
Maximum amount of participant 20

Place: K77 Studio
Kastanienallee 77, HH, 3.OG, 10435 Berlin

The Desire Map workshop Level 1+2: January 15th-17th, check the details here
The Desire Map Ongoing Group: January 24th- February 28th, check the details here

Each of the event requires minimum 6 participants, maximum 20

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