Can you anchor yourself in the Unknown?

“It’s all unknown … what do we know? How can we anchor ourselves in the one thing we know for sure? That we are in a moving alive, sensate body. When we don’t truly know what’s coming next … what anchors do we have?” Cathy Ryan (Open Floor)

Danielle LaPorte says … when we anchor ourselves in our Core Desired Feelings we are not as attached to the specificity of how things show up.

Come and join me during the last day of this year to dance and discover how can you root yourself in the unpredictability of the upcoming year.

Our exploration will be supported by dynamic movement practice that is Open Floor.

For booking and details check HERE.



And if you consider to explore the Desire Map in the new year – whether in a workshop with me or in one on one session – virtual or in person … or maybe just by yourself reading the Desire Map book …
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Fire Gift Bundle includes:

The Desire Map Audiobook – 6 hours of sonic love
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With Love and fullFEELING Christmas wishes,

xo, Tamara

Other upcoming events:
Open Hour with Desire Map: December 15th check the details here
The Desire Map workshop Level 1+2: January 15th-17th, check the details here
New Year with Desire Map: December 31st 8.30 – 1.00, check the details here

Each of the event requires minimum 6 participants, maximum 20

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