The Desire Map Licensing Program: An Informational Virtual Meeting with Me

Calling all my friends who are…Coaches! Yogis! Healers! Wellness pros! And basically anyone who’s got some entrepreneurial blood in their veins! I want to tell you about the Desire Map Licensing Program. This material has made such a positive impact in the way I work with clients and run my business. I’m so pumped to share this with you. 

The Desire Map Licensing Program: workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum for all good souls, relaunches July 19th.
More details about the program will be shown on Danielle’s page here on the day of the relaunch.




This work is changing people’s lives, and I am so proud to be part of this revolution of the heart.  If you’re thinking about joining this program I’d love for you to check out the virtual meeting with me on Tusday 19th at 8 pm. Sign up here 

I’m going to share there with you a firsthand account of my experience as a licensee. Where I was in life before I became a facilitator. Why did I choose to invest and where I’m today. How have I grown with the program and what are the most impactful moments I have been witness to.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
xo, Tamara


*This call is intended to provide my opinion and current knowledge of The Desire Map Licensing Program. I am not an employee or representative of Danielle LaPorte Inc. Team Danielle has not reviewed or approved any of the content I will share on this call. These are my words and opinion only

Private Virtual Desire Map Level 1: