Becoming YOU is your life purpose

“You are the very purpose of your existence. Realizing what’s lights your fire and floats your boat – That’s your life purpose. What else could it be?” Danielle LaPorte


So then, the question is, are you willing to transform?

… to give it up; to be the fool, to re-write your story, to not recognize yourself; to believe differently; to be something, someone you have not yet known?


In your daily life, every intention, action, and decision is being driven by your desire to feel a certain way. So why not get clear on how you most want to feel and design your outer life to match your inner desires? That’s Desire Mapping.

The Desire Map, the best selling book by Danielle LaPorte, is a guidance system for creating goals with soul. At the heart of this system are your Core Desired Feelings — your most preferred states of being. They’re yours to define. Energized, Connected, Lit up, Abundant, Inspired… This kind of deep clarity changes everything. When you know how you want to feel, you’ll do much less proving and way more living. You’ll know when to say “Yes!” and when to say “No thank-you”. You’ll make goals that feel good to go after. You’ll plan your life according to your Soul’s agenda.



In this Desire Map + Embodied Movement Meditation workshop, you’ll combine the body mindfulness of dance with the soulful language of Desire Mapping. This workshop weaves the power of movement meditation, Desire Map work-booking and engaged discussions. You’ll leave knowing your Core Desired Feelings — and with ideas for using that clarity to design a life that feels the way you want it to.


What to expect?

In this Desire Map workshop, you’ll shift your focus from external to the internal.  Reflection before action, poetic to the practical.
You will re-align with your heart aspirations. You will be guided to recognized what isn’t working so it can change and honor what is working so it can expand.


You will be guided through 5 life areas, to explore your most desired feelings in:

  • Lifestyle + Livelihood
  • Creativity + Learning
  • Body + Wellness
  • Relationships + Society
  • Essence + Spirituality


You will experience:

  • Conscious Conversations
  • Necessary Nourishment
  • Deep Engagement
  • Blissful Grounding
  • Reflection Before Action
  • Self Care Rituals
  • Celebration

Using a combination of Desire Map and Movement Practice, we will investigate those places where we feel stuck and without expression. We will look at those moments which feel joyful, light and exciting. We will create a safe space where we feel embraced and welcome to explore the life that we all desire.

Come + learn the possibilities and limitations
of your deepest desires.


The workshop will be filled with love, authenticity, connection and support.
We will build a safe space to connect from soul to soul and from heart to heart


Desire Map Workshop in Berlin, December 3-4

Saturday: 12.00 – 18.00 
Sunday: 11.00 – 17.00 

Price: 190 € ; 
Min­i­mum amount of par­tic­i­pants 6. Max­i­mum 20

The price includes Desire Map e-book + 1 hour implementing session after the workshop (valid for next two month, starting from the date of the workshop)


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Come prepared to muse deeply and fully in the moving company of others.

By entering the Soul’s whisperings through Embodied Movement Practice we can glimpse our Soul’s Purpose. Often what we cannot figure out cognitively, is abundantly clear when we make way for the unfolding dance of our Soul, through time past, present and future.


Have questions? e-mail:




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The Desire Map Level 1 workshop was a truly magical experience. Tamara’s guidance through movement exercises helped me delve deep. I was able to access memories and stored emotions within my body which were then managed and organized, to help understand, what it is that I truly desire in this current moment.
Due to Tamara’s gentle guidance, was I able to shake off the embarrassment to dance in front of other people. I was just in my own zone, being free and Tamara created a space where you could just be your authentic self and dance however your body needed to move.
Speaking my own desires out loud and having someone witness and affirm them was a very powerful practice.
Since the workshop, I am much more aware of what it is I truly desire, I make more conscious choices in my everyday life and am working towards the realization of my dream. This workshop propelled my goals and made my path very clear (on a very practical level). I am grateful to have been part of this workshop and would like to thank Tamara for creating this opportunity and living her own soul desires.

Kathrin, Berlin 2016


Dear Tamara, t
hank you for a bril­liant work­shop. Thank you for walk­ing your talk and liv­ing from your soul. Any­one who val­ues them­selves as a unique soul who wants to ex­press them­selves to the full and is will­ing to trust in the process and your skil­ful guid­ance can­not value to bring away last­ing richness.
Every as­pect was thor­oughly pro­fes­sional and I know you will go from strength to strength.

With love,
Alexan­dra, London 2015



Tamara! This was a real cutting-edge work­shop among those I’ve been at­tendig for years. It helped lead­ing my thoughts in the di­rec­tion of the de­sired. Of the su­per ex­cit­ing “yet-non-physical”. In the di­rec­tion where I can feel lighter, with­out lack­ing some­thing, strong, ca­pa­ble, con­fi­dent, wor­thy, in­spired, amaz­ing… Al­though we did not talked much I have the feel­ing that there was a great em­pha­sis on our own re­spon­si­bil­ity of our vi­bra­tional state of be­ing. I learned feel­ing su­per is kind of mat­ter of our choice – and if we dare to make it, an up­ward spi­ral be­gins work­ing pretty instantaneously.

It’s okay, I’ve heard this al­ready from a hand­ful of con­tem­po­rary gu­rus. How­ever, all this un­der­stand­ing com­bined with day long move­ment prac­tices (and instruction-less free dances) have made these so alive, so true, so vivid, valid and au­then­tic that it could reach some very deep area inside…

Many thanks Tamara, for lead­ing the group to­wards these experiences!”

Dávid Ko­hout, Budapest 2015