Desire – the engine for all creations

Desire is a feeling that polarises people into two extremes – totally in favour of it, or totally against it. Such is the case with all strong feelings. No matter which way you look at it, desire has a profound effect on your life.

The practice of the Open Floor is teaching about four common hungers which exist for all of us: hunger for connection, hunger for belonging , hunger for solitude and hunger for spirit. On the dance floor we experience the constant movement towards and away.
In the movement our body shows perfectly when we are getting closer to our longings, desires and when we are moving away from the pain.

Our true desires, hungers are not about attaining or acquiring possession of something: it is to want with all your heart, but to not get hung up on the exact outcomes. When you get underneath the things you believe you want? That’s when your true desires are revealed.

Maybe you actually crave Freedom (capital F please!), and you hope that getting enough promotions and saving enough income will allow you to retire early, or pay off your debts early – and yet you actually feel more caged than ever, slaving for many more hours over your contracted week “to feed it into your bonus.” What if that bonus doesn’t come?

Maybe Freedom for you is actually working less but having enough income to pay the necessities and a bit more; spending time with your family; motorbiking across the continent with barely 5kg luggage – you, a sleeping mattress, and the wide world outside; maybe freedom is in travelling the world and enduring marathons for that exquisite high…or maybe freedom is your state of mind.

Or what if your true desire was to Love and be loved – can that only be satisfied by findinghim, or her? Or can you feel Love every time you connect with another being, either the two-legged kind or the furry four-legged kind?

The Desire Map is a workshop that helps you reveal your true desires – the ones that lie beneath the things you put on your bucket lists, your wish lists and your To Do lists. If you could get clear on your true desires and aligned your bucket lists, wish lists and To Do lists with those? Imagine how much you would achieve, and how many of those things you’ll look back upon and say to yourself, “That was really worthwhile, that made my life.”

Who doesn’t want that?

I’m arranging a live conversation with Catherine Haymes (Desire Map Facilitator) on
8pm BST Monday 20th July
about desire, how The Desire Map changed our lives, and why we are facilitating both live and virtual workshops across the world.


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