Nothing will change without you.


I crossed the hills and came back again from an incredible expedition which was a journey through the Open Floor teacher training. 

I feel honored and grateful for having so many amazing people around me to support this path. 
As my friend Mira said: I’m proud to follow in the footsteps of the great, body held wisdom of my friends and colleagues and to build the way forward with an inspiring community! Thank you to Open Floor International.

I am more than ever ready to build the community in Berlin and in Poland aligned with Open Floor vision – to build a world where conscious dance ignites creativity, community, social justice, health and well – being.

I also strongly believe that  each of you who is already reading this newsletter has a part in creating this world., this community. Let’s keep going.
Nothing will change without you.

Maybe you can also find on this picture bellow, which was created during the training … a precious word which really speaks to you and which you want to follow … because THIS IS what we want to bring to the dance floor and every day life.


… starting again, EVERY Wednesday at 6.00 p.m. See you there!
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A, 10999 Berlin Sign up HERE

Sending warm greetings and looking forward to CREATING with you what’s important to YOU!


Can you listen to SPACE above?


My precious love
Can only come
From above
In unity
Is born a kiss
Of dignity (…) 

— Lisa Gerrard – Space Weaver


It’s a lovely summer time in Berlin however really, really HOT. I’m writing to you from my creation space with the fan fully on and listening to this song.

With the breath of summer wind and my wishes being send to an open wide SPACE of unknown there are good news coming in …

  • I’ve got my bellowed dance studio in Berlin back and starting September 5th – OPEN FLOOR CLASSES will be back!  You can already click and register here. There is very decent price if you register till the August 19th.
  • The beta version of my Open Floor mindfulness course is almost finished and I’m planning a live online meeting to chat and aswer any questions about HOW MINDFULNESS CAN HELP CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
    The course will start September 12th.
    For more information and an open chat with me click here
  • I’m also planning to send you the video interview with Rivi Diamondwhich we will do next week to give you MORE INSIGHT into the workshop topic.
    The Wisdom & Power workshop is coming soon – to get early bird price it’s time to register now, click here

And now, how about you? Can you listen to the space above?
Play this song, – SPACE WEAVER from Lisa Gerrard. 
Dance the dance you can only dance. Create for yourself SPACE to listen from above …


Can’t wait to meet you again!


The Wisdom to Accept & the Power to Change


Before you go … on holidays or you you will enjoy summer time wherever you are, I would like to invite you to take a look at this video clip and to book your calendar for the end of September to join our journey to Wisdom and Power in Berlin.

The footage for the clip of HOME by Yael Dekelbaum, was taken during The Journey to Peace, which was organized by Women Wage Peace and took place in the desert not far from the dead Sea and Jericho.

Thousands of Palestinian women from all over the west bank alongside thousands of Israeli women, Muslims, Christians and Jews, gathered together to be united by the deep yearning for peace.



Rivi Diamond (Open Floor teacher who is coming from Israel to Berlin in September) along with her Palestinian friend, partner and inspirational peace activist Huda Abu Arquob, co-facilitated this historic event.

Here is what she has to say …
“Women wage Peace is an Israeli grass roots movement that formulated right after the Gaza war in the summer of 2014. For the past 4 years since, I have been deeply involved and active in this amazing, empowering movement. It has been a deep journey of learning about “the power to change”.

My on- going spiritual practice has been a vital balancing force bringing forth “the wisdom to accept” and the wisdom to know which way is the right way forth for me at any given point. The workshop I will be giving in Berlin this fall, naturally arose from my intense experience of being an involved and pro-active citizen. These are times – all around the globe – that demand of us to be awake, available and responsive.

I find the resources of Open Floor Movement Practice immensely valuable to navigate my way in this terrain. But Wisdom & Power is not only about big social or political activism. It’s about making choices, big and small, every day in life. Perhaps I’ll share more about that later on. Hope to share the dance floor with you when I return to teach in Berlin this September! With love, Rivi”


Join us by registering now HERE
See you on the dance floor!


Gentle Awakening 

Dear once,

I hope you’re having a soft and gentle beginning of this week. Hope you’re taking a moment to pause from time to time, bringing attention to your body, noticing the state of your heart.

I have prepared a place on my website for you where I want to share samples of my playlists from my weekly sessions to support your practice in your daily life.


For the beginning, here is the first one – Gentle Awakening 

Very gentle and soft playlist to awakening your body, to open attention to what’s right here with kindness and self-compassion.

Click here to listen.



Hope to see you tomorrow. The floor is open at 19.30

Place: Studio Laborgras  
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A  (entrance in the 2nd backyard)
10999 Berlin



The journey begins here.


The journey begins here,

With whatever is capturing your attention.


Are you gazing at the patterns on some wall?

Are you daydreaming about a celebrity?


Is there someone you love and long to cling to,

Disappear into, a soul who is a chalice for

Beauty to pour into the world?


Whatever your focus,

Give your whole being.

Gradually, step by step,

The infinity from which you both have emerged,

Will encompass you with blessing.


— The Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche


Next Wednesday, February 14th, we begin the next cycle of weekly Open Floor sessions.  

If you took part in the last workshop with Lucie Nerot, Ancient Soul – New Beginnings, you know that new beginnings start right here – with embracing all that arises.


My intention for this cycle of Open Floor sessions is to deepen our practice of presence into what is right here and allow the unfolding with clear and kind attention.

We will practice very gentle, mindful presence and include different sensations in our body – the unpleasant and pleasant that move through us.

We will learn to stay – with what is and pay attention to our limits, so we can expand our capacity and our freedom.


Register here. When you sign up for the whole cycle you get one session gratis.


This practice is reconnecting you with life which is here, over and over again so you can be more alive, more connected and more present in your daily life.


See you on the dance floor.