Die Essenz jedes Herzens-Wunsches ist ein Gefühl …

… und dieses Gefühl führt dich zu deiner Seele

Last Sunday I was leading a short introduction of The Desire Map in Studio K77. Just the day before, I happened to see the new edition of the German magazine Allegria (a well known spiritual magazine). Danielle Laporte (the author of the Desire Map book) is on the cover of that edition. What divine timing!

I called every large bookstore in Berlin to purchase a copy and was told that every copy had been purchased by Saturday afternoon, and it was now Saturday evening – bummer!

My friend decided to call the publisher to find out if there was any chance of getting a copy anywhere else in such a short time – and he succeeded! We were given a list of small bookstores in Berlin where the magazine had been delivered. A few quick calls, and we found one in which there was yet a single copy. We had half an hour to get from the East to West Berlin before the bookstore closed. We made it!



The title of the article is: ” Die Essenz jedes Herzens-Wunsches ist ein Gefühl …

… und dieses Gefühl führt dich zu deiner Seele”

Part of the article describes the feeling of gratitude. Danielle says that gratitude expands us and washes away our victim mentality. Its positivity increases our vibration. It gives us peace and calms our nerves. And it is also a powerful source of energy that brings more into our lives that we can be grateful for. It is more fun to be grateful than to complain.

In all of this, Danielle is a distinct advocate of conscious gratitude. Many new age theories about gratitude keep us in a state of sleep or passivity. In these states we should also be grateful for things which would normally evoke healthy anger and dissatisfaction – these can be important triggers for change and transformation.

With this intention I am setting up the next Desire Map classes in Berlin.

In Sep­tem­ber and the be­gin­ning of Oc­to­ber we are go­ing to ex­plore three different sub­jects in re­la­tion to our desires.

This is a se­ries of 3 classes.

Class 1: Sept 27th – Com­ing home
Class 2: Oct 4th – The care and find­ing our bound­aries
Class 3: Oct 11th – Risk tak­ing – the fuel for full cre­ative life