Feel your femininity

The other day I had a birthday. I woke up in the morning asking myself, “How would you like to feel today?” The answer was feminine.

Berlin with its variety of districts allowed me the possibility to choose an area based on my mood. I decided to go to Mitte (the central part of the city) to explore my feeling of femininity.

I walked around, checking out expensive sexy clothing – not that I could afford them. I had a cup of tea in a cozy place. I didn’t buy a thing; however, I was still feeling very feminine.

It walked through the streets and felt the power of my thighs. It was enough to find a sense of belonging in my heart. It was enough to receive a smile from a passing man.

Your femininity doesn’t dependent upon your outfit or the outside circumstances. Your femininity lays deep within your body.


Feel your femininity. It’s what makes you sexy. And I’m pretty sure that restraint creates wrinkles. LIGHTEN UP AND LET IT OUT. It’s real. Look, if someone can’t handle that … it’s not your problem. They are likely jealous.

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xo, Tamara