Finding direction

We often get lost in the madness of this world. We get out of the track. We lose our SELF in outside expectations. We make choices as human beings, which are hard to explain.

So, how to get back on the track, when the world around you get more and more crazy? When and how to find the right direction?

These questions we will try to answer using embodied movement session I’m giving during Agape Zoe Festival this Sunday. Get some friends and come. There will be a lot of good stuff happening. Take a look here




“We will get creative. We will love. Things will crumble so that deep healing can happen. It’s time to love and make and get out there with innovation and vision. No matter what happens. Let this bring out the best in you. We will make art out of the madness.” Danielle LaPorte

with love, Tamara

Moving with Desires sessions are happening on Mondays: