Giving is joyful, receiving is divine … life is all about walking this line

For some time I’ve been watching the growing popularity of Cacao Ceremonies in Berlin. I don’t remember how it happened, what happened first: whether cacao came to me or the Desire Map attracted cacao.

Anyway, and so it happened that I met Melissa Honeybee along my way: a messy-magical human being who has been devotedly working with Cacao for several years now, and is also one of the creators of Lucid: Ritualistic-dance-parties in Berlin, with high-vibed substances (like Cacao), and a space intended to connect & elevate the positive aspects of humanity and our potential, through dance, community & ritual.

No wonder that our chemistry clicked immediately together : ) 

We are both interested in bringing to the surface what is often ignored or sitting under the ground – pumping out our vital energy so we learn how to breathe fully with an open heart.




I am honored to be assisted by Melissa Honeybee during the next Desire Map workshop in Berlin. (April 8-10)

And as she says: “… Giving is joyful, receiving is divine … life is all about walking this line “

I love the creative collaboration and the way this all evolves. I’m absolutely excited about this cooperation, and very curious about the future unfolding …

The Desire Map Workshop is a 3-day immersion for entrepreneurs and employees, makers and doers, artists, healers and coaches + women who want to give and receive even more.

For more information about Desire Map workshop click on the picture below:



Wanna get a taste what this work is about, come to Sunday session this week. More details here: Open for New to Come
I will be happy to answer your questions after the session.


Desire Map Workshop Level 1

APRIL 8-10
Saturday: 11.00 – 18.00 h
Sunday: 11.00 – 17.00 h
with the open evening on Friday, April 8th, from 19.30-22.00

Price: 150 € ; Early bird price: 120 € till March 7th
Min­i­mum amount of par­tic­i­pants 6. Max­i­mum 20

coming soon

To register contact me via e-mail:

ps. the ef­fects will last long af­ter
the work­shop has ended. I promise : )