I give a shit about football

Actually I change the side of the street when I see another TV monitor in front of me. And I wonder … would it make a difference if someone had the courage to invest the same amount of money for the same period of time, showing or questioning …

What is it to be a human being? Who are we? Why are we here? How do we love? What are we connected to?

What would happen if we would change the game?




“Love raises her hand. Listen you’re all fucking amazing! And I believe in every single one of you! Woot.

Time to drop some truth bombs. Coach. Time to lead, not accommodate. You can’t let fear steal more airtime. And Anxiety is hanging out on the edge distracting everyone.

Here’s how it’s got to go down – I echo what Love said. You’re all amazing. We’re contenders. Enthusiasm, you’re in front; Confidence and Pragmatic have got your back. Abandonment Issues, your job is to trust your instincts. You will know when it’s right to pass the ball – we trust you. Anxiety, you’re alert, and we need that in the team. You need to stay close to Confidence. The important thing for you to do is just stay in the game – keep playing.

Fear, thanks for looking out for us. Yep, we could fail, it’s possible. This is risky. But we’ll come out on top no matter what, because that’s who we are. You’ve done your job, and now you’ll be playing from the bench.” Fire Starter Sessions Danielle LaPorte

Fire Starter Sessions one on one: sing up here