Is Dance Meditation really Meditation?

I have often that felt, while conducting The Desire Map workshops, that some people are resistant to movement. They are eager and curious about the Desire Map concept but do not want to engage in movement. On other hand, when they come and see others moving, they often jump in and connect with the rest of the group.

Movement is an inseparable part of our existence and we cannot separate ourselves from it. Movement is not a skill to be learned or something upon which we judge one another. Movement is only one way to express ourselves – though it can become a powerful means of expression and self awareness.

I recently read an article by Jamie Marich, “Is Dance Meditation really Meditation?”

Her definition of Meditation was as follows:

“Meditation is any activity that helps us systematically regulate our attention and energy, thereby influencing and possibly transforming the quality of experience in service of realizing the full range of our humanity and of our relationship to others in the world.”

For that reason, I decided to incorporate movement into the Desire Map. It can make the whole process more powerful, and add another dimension.


Nevertheless, if you’re still not resonating with the idea of movement on the dance floor, and you are interested in The Desire Map concept, I am organizing an open meeting without the dance component. This will be a totally verbal experience with exercises to help you understand the practice.

Sept 24th, Thursday, time: 20.15
Next Thursday Sept 24th we are meeting in my friend Janny Bär praxis at Käthe-Niederkirchner-Str.23, 10407 Berlin.

Sept 20th, Sunday, time: 14.00
In a case you are in favor of movement practice, come to experience the Desire Map during open day in Studio K77 ,
this Sunday – Sept 20st