The Wisdom to Accept & the Power to Change


Before you go … on holidays or you you will enjoy summer time wherever you are, I would like to invite you to take a look at this video clip and to book your calendar for the end of September to join our journey to Wisdom and Power in Berlin.

The footage for the clip of HOME by Yael Dekelbaum, was taken during The Journey to Peace, which was organized by Women Wage Peace and took place in the desert not far from the dead Sea and Jericho.

Thousands of Palestinian women from all over the west bank alongside thousands of Israeli women, Muslims, Christians and Jews, gathered together to be united by the deep yearning for peace.



Rivi Diamond (Open Floor teacher who is coming from Israel to Berlin in September) along with her Palestinian friend, partner and inspirational peace activist Huda Abu Arquob, co-facilitated this historic event.

Here is what she has to say …
“Women wage Peace is an Israeli grass roots movement that formulated right after the Gaza war in the summer of 2014. For the past 4 years since, I have been deeply involved and active in this amazing, empowering movement. It has been a deep journey of learning about “the power to change”.

My on- going spiritual practice has been a vital balancing force bringing forth “the wisdom to accept” and the wisdom to know which way is the right way forth for me at any given point. The workshop I will be giving in Berlin this fall, naturally arose from my intense experience of being an involved and pro-active citizen. These are times – all around the globe – that demand of us to be awake, available and responsive.

I find the resources of Open Floor Movement Practice immensely valuable to navigate my way in this terrain. But Wisdom & Power is not only about big social or political activism. It’s about making choices, big and small, every day in life. Perhaps I’ll share more about that later on. Hope to share the dance floor with you when I return to teach in Berlin this September! With love, Rivi”


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