Moving with Desires

movingwithdesiresMy life philosophy oscillates around the word DESIRE, which I consider the most creative force of the universe. This natural strength lies dormant in all of us.

Yet, with the expectations of the outside world we loose the track of what we really want in our lives. To manage ourselves and respond to outside expectations we have separated from our bodies and the voice of our soul. We no longer know what we feel, what we want or how to find our way back home to who we really are.

On the dance floor we have a chance to explore ourselves. Together we are able to investigate our natural desires for connection, solitude, belonging and the spirit. This is the place where we connect to our bodies and through that to the source of our vital energy.

Next Friday I start movement practice. Let’s dive in and explore what wants to come out and what is holding us back from going after what we truly desire.