It’s not too late to join the dance

It’s not too late to join the dance. It’s not too late to design an amazing 2017!

“Your desired feelings will always point to your freedom, and your body will tell you.” Danielle LaPorte

Through our bodies, we get access to our stories, without words. But most of all, we learn how to make them fluid so we can release them. By doing so, movement sessions can help us to gradually get to know ourselves and the signals of our body, to relax our bodies and thus come into our power.

Next Monday Jan 16th  starts the circle of Moving with Desires – probably the last one for this winter. It’s not to late to join us for next five weeks and move, dance and design the new year the way you want to.



This is embodiment with a new purpose

You’ll learn techniques and practices to help clear old emotions, and alter your perceptions, stripping away the limiting beliefs and patterns you’ve held onto since childhood.

Releasing the past and integrating the parts of yourself that you have disowned physically, mentally and emotionally will unleash a flow of creative energy in your daily life.

From this clearing, you’ll feel a new space in which you can map out your desires from a truly authentic place.

Moving with Desires sessions are inspired by Open Floor International School of Embodiment and Desire Map process.


If you’re not sure if you’re ready to sign up for the whole process, come on Sunday to Osho Mauz for the open day. The open session starts at 12.30 and it ends at 13.34. Please be on time.
Place: Osho Mauz, Reichenberger Str. 29, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg (corner Mariannenstr.), see map


For booking Moving with Desires sessions register here
Minimum amount of people 6. Maximum 15


Looking forward to meeting you

xo, Tamara