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I long, as does every other human, to be at home wherever I find myself

– Maya Angelou


Open Floor weekly sessions are a lively healing practice with a self-focused study of relational hungers, compassion, connection, self-regulation and expansion of creativity.

The purpose of this practice is to awaken the wisdom of the body, heart and mind as well as enrich our capacity to live with more love, health, happiness, and full self-expression. When we use the dance to be fully embodied – physically, emotionally, mindfully – it simply means being home for the beautiful ride of being alive.


Using embodied movement practice we learn to move and include our emotions, however they are. We become aware of our thoughts and by practicing that we learn to move from being fixed to fluid, from habit to choice to creative possibilities. We expand our potential and become more alive.

To be embodied is to arrive at death in peace, free of regret for having missed our life because we weren’t home.

These weekly sessions are open to all. There are no steps to learn, no way to do it wrong. Anyone is free to drop in, and newcomers are warmly welcomed. Bring your curiosity and desire to move your body.


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