Opening Fully to the Unknown

Last Monday I finished the cycle of five sessions Moving with Desires. It was a privilege for me to hold the space for a group of women and seeing the impact of this work. We finished last session with the topic: Opening Fully to the Unknown.

And yet, we all come close to this place of the year when we look back and into the future wondering what will happen next.

Danielle LaPorte just launched Desire Map for the New Year Program.

This is a condensed audio + workbook course, designed for crossing the threshold of a New Year. This is a rich and useful process. Danielle will walk you through a customized New Year Desire Map process with prompts to glean the lessons from the past and set Goals + Intentions that nourish you through 2017.

This is a warm up for you to get closer to your deepest desires, because the real transformation happens in the relationship.

So, get the details and download the course by clicking here and when you want to go deeper write a message to me.




As the Desire Map Facilitator I’m committed to being straight up, as kind as possible, and useful — right now. Now, when you’re in pain. Now, when your life is good but you know it could be so much better. Now, when you’re longing to take that hot heart of yours and really do something with it this lifetime.

From inside out.
From soul to soul.
From heart to heart.

with love, Tamara

Next Moving with Desires sessions are coming up in January. Sign up to embody the process of Desire Map: