Radical acceptance

“As we lean into the experience of the moment – releasing our stories and gently holing our pain or desire – radical acceptance begin to unfold.
The two parts of genuine acceptance – seeing clearly and holding our experience with compassion – are as inter dependent as two wings of a great bind. Together, they enable us to fly and bee free.” Tara Brach

Last weekend I had a privilege to organize fantastic Open Floor workshop led by Rivi Diamond in Berlin and this is where this quote is coming from.

With gratitude and a deep bow for teachers from Open Floor I’m moving towards organizing the next workshop Gatway to Freedom led by Nele Vandezande – founding member of Open Floor

As a child we experience freedom of emotions. Gradually, our emotions got restricted and we learned specific ways to hold those energies. We stopped expressing our emotions and stored them in our bodies. Through the years we developed several patterns to survive (physical, mental and emotional ones). A range of complex emotions and behavior arise and restrict our freedom. We can only set ourselves free, when we recognize and change our own patterns. Emotions are energies in motion and they feed our body. They can be a gateway to our inner power and pure energy.

Freedom exist when you can be your authentic self, when you can stay present with your own feelings or those from others, been able to take emotional responsibility and staying fluid.
So we can become more resilient, discover the power of emotions and experience the freedom in our body and our life.




Nele Vandezande studied and apprenticed with Gabrielle Roth, the founder of the 5Rhythms®movement meditation map and has been working with the practice for 18 years. She is a founding member of Open Floor International and teach for Open Floor Movement since 2014. She has studied Physiotherapy and Relaxation therapy. She runs and teaches at her studio “Souldance” in Moorsele (Belgium) in group and individual. She works extensively in Belgium and Europe. For more details about her work and background see here 

The early bird price expires this weekend, by September 4th

Gateway to Freedom is a Emotional Inteligence weekend workshop:

Friday 7th: 20.30-22.30 – Open Session: 25€ ( 22€ early bird if booked by Sept. 4th 2016)
Saturday 8th: 11.00-18.00 
Sunday 9th: 11.00-17.00

Place: Urbanraum Studio, Urbanstr. 93, 1.HH Berlin 10967

Price: 190 €
150€ discount for early registration if booked by Sept. 4th 2016

To register, please click here and fill the form, which unfolds under the the description of Gateway to Freedom workshop.

Looking forward to meeting you on the dance floor.
xo, Tamara

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