[#1] Rapid-fire starting for finding what you want the most

As we enter new season and start a new circle together with full moon on Friday i would like to invite you to email series for next five weeks.

You are at the beginning of a transformation… of discovering what your heart is trying to tell you. What your soul craves. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sending you exercises for discovering these feelings. Think of it like soul-stretching. The warm-up to uncovering your deepest desires.

These Soul Limbering questions come straight from The Desire Map book and workbook. They are designed to warm you up to your inner desires. Some of these questions may strike you as abstract or esoteric. They get increasingly poetic as you go. You may not be familiar with a term, or you may be suspicious of a question’s aims. That’s just fine.

This is an open-ended inquiry designed to get you to leap to your own conclusions and be impulsive. Here is Danielle’s Introduction to Soul Limber


There are a couple of ways you can answer these questions:

  • Write the answers in your personal journal, or print the worksheet and write them down right on the page.
  • Press play here and hear the questions from Danielle herself. Pause after each question, take a deep breath and speak the words out loud.

Make it sacred. Brew some tea, find a quiet corner, grab you most-adored pen or pencil. I want you to take the time for yourself. Go deep. You will be surprised by what sort of answers might come up





If something arises as you answer these, I’d love to hear from you. Just hit REPLY and say hello!

Until next week

xo, Tamara

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