Sometimes you need to pause

“Life is one big dance and the floor is always open…

Sometimes we’re activated, adrenaline rushing through our every cell, hearts pumping, neorons firing.
Other times we long to come back to our center, catch our breath, find our equilibrium, settle.

Sometimes we long to dance solo, dive into our rich inner landscape, including it’s volcanoes as well as tranquil lakes.
Other times, we long to connect with another, see and be seen, enjoy our similarities, be curious by our differences.
At times, we immerse in the group field, becoming part of the groups’ vital pulse, engulphed in the collective energy.
At times, spirit dances through us, we become the dance.” Rivi Diamond

And sometimes you need to pause and explore again what are you hungry for.




Join me at the Open Floor workshop led by Rivi Diamond. In this weekend workshop, located at a beautiful studio by the lake, we will embark on a journey through all of these dances. We will use Open Floor core movement principles to support us as we work with the 4 relational hungers and the 4 embodiments.



Price: 190 Euro
160 Euro discount for early registration, paid in full by July 31st

Rivi Diamond is a Founding Member of Open Floor International. She is an expereinced Dance/Movement Therapist M.A., a certified 5 Rhythms teacher and a group facilitator. She is also trained in Hakomi Psychotherapy and holds a B.A. in Theater. Rivi holds weekly classes, on-going groups and workshops and teaches movement & dance to University acting students.
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