Soul’s Unfolding

“As we find ourselves engaged in our everyday manifestation of our self through work, family and creative endeavors, we will not be fully satisfied if the deepest expression of our Soul does not have a place. Often we haven’t had the time or the support to look into this, but will feel its absence if we are not living a Soulful life.” Andrea Juhan

With the end of this year, November 26-27, I’m preparing one more workshop, with the intention to help you step into the new year with the new perspective of yourself. 

Each of us has had a completely original path from conception to where we stand now. However, we don’t always recognize our unique self and the gift to this world in between wrong beliefs and outside expectations.




In this Soul’s Unfolding workshop you’ll combine the body mindfulness of dance with the soulful language of Desire Mapping. The workshop will be filled with love, authenticity, connection and support. For more information go here

By entering the Soul’s whisperings through Embodied Movement Practice we can glimpse our Soul’s Purpose. Often what we cannot figure out cognitively, is abundantly clear when we make way for the unfolding dance of our Soul, through time past, present and future.

Come to listen to your Soul’s whispering in embodied movement sessions: Moving with Desires 

Next sessions:
Monday Oct 31st

Monday Nov 7th
Monday Nov 14th
Monday Nov 21st

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