The Space In Between


Somewhere between Berlin and Brussel, somewhere between now and then, we will meet to create a New Year celebration.

Andrea Angela Klötzing and I are organizing and leading Open Floor workshop in Wuppertal – the city of Pina Bausch.


If you’re still not sure where to spend the last day of this year, this might be a spontaneous decision to consider. It could be time to let go and unfold a sense of freshness for the upcoming year.

Come and join us for an Open Floor new year’s eve dance ritual to follow your bodies instinct and wisdom. Dance in the juice of the space in between: a space of not-knowingness and potentiality. Feel held to dance in your unique ways and find a sense of connection to what’s alive in you in this transition. 







This experiential workshop is facilitated by Tamara Romaniuk and Andrea Angela Klötzing. The passion for conscious movement and the respect of ‘the moment of truth’ is what both have in common. They enjoy their diversity in listening to each other. Their background in integrative body psychotherapy, integral coaching and improvisation makes them a reliable team to hold respectfully what wants to show up on the dance floor

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with special warm wishes for your holiday time and new year,
all love

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Early bird price expires by the end of this month 
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