Can you listen to SPACE above?


My precious love
Can only come
From above
In unity
Is born a kiss
Of dignity (…) 

— Lisa Gerrard – Space Weaver


It’s a lovely summer time in Berlin however really, really HOT. I’m writing to you from my creation space with the fan fully on and listening to this song.

With the breath of summer wind and my wishes being send to an open wide SPACE of unknown there are good news coming in …

  • I’ve got my bellowed dance studio in Berlin back and starting September 5th – OPEN FLOOR CLASSES will be back!  You can already click and register here. There is very decent price if you register till the August 19th.
  • The beta version of my Open Floor mindfulness course is almost finished and I’m planning a live online meeting to chat and aswer any questions about HOW MINDFULNESS CAN HELP CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
    The course will start September 12th.
    For more information and an open chat with me click here
  • I’m also planning to send you the video interview with Rivi Diamondwhich we will do next week to give you MORE INSIGHT into the workshop topic.
    The Wisdom & Power workshop is coming soon – to get early bird price it’s time to register now, click here

And now, how about you? Can you listen to the space above?
Play this song, – SPACE WEAVER from Lisa Gerrard. 
Dance the dance you can only dance. Create for yourself SPACE to listen from above …


Can’t wait to meet you again!