We all are strong in some areas and more challenged in others

It was a great pleasure for me last week to listen to the exciting interview with Kathy Altman & Lori Saltzman:  Twin forces behind Open Floor Movement

There is a lot of interesting information in it – I think everyone will find something for themselves. You may want to take a moment and listen, click here

In my case, there was a smile on my face when I heard about two basic principles of the universe which Open Floor works with.

The first universal principle says – nobody needs to teach you –  you get the whole package when you are born. It comes with human equipment. It might be a bit frozen but every human being is born with breath and animation.

In Open Floor we teach from the territory we all drinking from – the ground floor.


The other universal principle says – no matter who you are and where you are –  you are in a constant relationship.   

You can be in relationship either with yourself or with another person, a group or a something bigger – the great spirit

Some of us are very advanced in group relation or some of us feel very comfortable partnering somebody on the dance floor or in the real life and there is part of us, for some of us, who are mildly uncomfortable with some of these areas of relations.

We all are strong in some areas and more challenged in others.


What is certain is that if in your life one of your relationships is poorly functioning then it will appear on the dance floor.

So, what a great place to work on your stuff? : )