The path beneath our feet

“Each step we take forms the path beneath our feet, and determines to some extend the next step and the next. The path we make by walking change us, and change the environment around us.” Hiro Boga

I’m visiting the beautiful land of Ireland where nature speaks poetry, where movement is visible on every leaf, where everything around me brings me closer to my soul.

As Hiro says: “We are made of the same stuff as stars and galaxies. As the earth, the sun and the tiniest microbe. When we remember this, we draw from the great universal matrix of life all the nourishment we need. We inhabit our power, our grace, our majesty. We wear – lightly, lightly – the crown that proclaims us queens and kings of our lives. And we join with all other sovereign beings of this earth of creating a world that nourishes and supports all of us.”


If you missed the last live call I had with Catherine Haymes who will be assisting me on the workshop in London, here is the link to our conversation:

We talked about our lives, about choices we made and about what desire means to us.