There is a part of refugee in all of us

Two weeks ago I was taking a walk that was close to my home. I noticed an old, typical Berlin building that had stood there for ages, and that I had passed daily. The outside sign had changed. It had become a refugee center.

I became curious, walked through the door and met a very pleasant lady. Immediately, I started to feel very welcome as there was this qualify feeling of my being at home. I noticed that there was a free space, and a dancing room, and they were both free on Thursdays! It had been on my mind for some time to start my Moving with Desires class on Thursdays.


Suddenly I realized that I was making a move that I had been mulling over in my mind for some time.

There is a part of a refugee in all of us. Every time that we disconnect from ourselves. Every time we start that inner war between our thoughts and feelings and we escape into that land of confusion and despair, we start to feel hopeless. We become a refugee of our soul incarnation – torn apart from our true self.

“Discerning between feelings and thoughts that are your own, and those that are the result of energy you’ve absorbed, begins with knowing yourself. Be mindful of your own rhythms, your patterns, your loves and dislikes. Pay attention to the subtle movements of your own feelings, and get to know them. Know what your triggers are, and which patterns surface when your buttons are pushed.” Hiro Boga

I am looking forward to exploring together our energy borders, those moments when we have lost our center and those moments when we feel at home,
so we can all become better at living our lives from a place of wholeness and belonging.

Classes will be lead on Thursdays from 7 pm to 9 pm (except November 19th)

PS: In future sessions, I plan to invite the refugees who live in that building to move, meet and start the dialogue of principles which are reflected in all of us as human beings.

Other upcoming events:

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Each of the event requires minimum 6 participants, maximum 20

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