We are made of movement

“We are made of movement”, said Catherine in her last post at Everybody’s Home For Dinner Blog

The word “Pilgrim” caught her attention. At the same time I was listening to the song which caught my attention and touched me lately … it starts with words: “In the morning, I buckle my shoes like a pilgrim …”

According to Whyte, “Pilgrim is a word that accurately describes the average human being.”

Maybe it is a synchronicity, maybe a coincidence … but it happened that beautiful human beings crossed my path. Together with Adam All Up (Open Floor Teacher in Training) and Catherine Haymes (Desire Map Facilitator) we are going to create fantastic workshop in London in the famous dancing studio: The Place

We are going to question – who are we as human beings? Do we realize our full potential? What are we truly longing for? What are our deepest desires? How do we want to create our life?

And I’m sure I’m going to include this song:


Also, we are going to create in the near future the virtual Desire Map introduction which we will be happy to invite you to – then it doesn’t matter where you are! We will let you know soon!

xo Tamara