What do you want that you already have?

Some of us spend half of our life or more searching for oneself in other people or in our stories. We often hope this out-looking direction will make as feel home. And sometimes we even get there, we find ourselves – in a book or in someone love we receive – which makes us unlock for a while.

But it’s not because it’s out there! It’s because it resonates with you.

The thing you’re finding is vibrating with truth of who you are.

That moment when you feel this click – ‘I found it’ – is a moment to recall that you haven’t found it there. You found it here. This is vibrating with your truth, with that who you truly are.




This weekend starts the Desire Map workshop in Berlin. It’s a perfect opportunity to let yourself reflect in a group of beautiful people, in a dance and in meaningful conversations.

Desire Map Level 1 is about bringing you closer to your inner truth, it’s about discovering your Core Desired Feelings, which were always there but for now maybe have been forgotten.

So let’s dig deeper using the combination of Desire Map and Embodied Movement Practice.


For some hesitating souls I’m organizing open Friday evening before the workshop.

Come this Friday, April 08 at 19.30 to Studio K77, Kastanienallee 77, 10435 Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin (sec­ond back yard, third floor)

Price: 10 euro

To book your place at the workshop contact me at tamara@livingfromyoursoul.org

For more details about the workshop click here



Upcoming workshops and sessions:
Desire Map workshop Level 1
: April 9-10
Fire Starter Sessions: available from now