What will you do to feel the way you want to feel?

Dear all!
For the month of June I’m offering one hour of free session on the topic of our true desires/longings in our life.
Sessions are based on the book of Danielle LaPorte: Desire Map

In your daily life, every intention, action, and decision is being driven by your desire to feel a certain way. So why not get clear on how you most want to feel and design your outer life to match your inner desires? That’s Desire Mapping.


Leading Desire Map workshops in different countries and places, meeting people from different cultures – gave me a lot of experience. This experience I would like to share with you now in the individual work.

I have found incredible power and value in working with people through the Desire Map one-on-one. There is something sacred about this work for me and as a proud, card carrying introvert I reverently acknowledge what can blossom when digging deeply with someone on an individual level.



If you’re interested, please schedule your appointment here
Choose FREE FIRE STARTER session

I will contact you as soon as possible after that.
We can have in person or skype meeting. 

There are few questions in the calendar form. Please fill them out – it is a first step into the process. Don’t give this too much thoughts. Just write out of your heart!
It’s a way for you and me to start to get to know you better

I will be doing it only for the month of June and for a limited amount of persons.



with loads of love, 

Have questions? e-mail: tamara@livingfromyoursoul.org