What you celebrate – expands


Photo: Jens Wazel


I was not here for a while … I was celebrating latest happenings of my life.
Three weeks ago I’ve been accepted to the Open Floor International teachers training. It was a big thing for me. I feel HONORED and proud to be in between so progressive people, who are in favor of humanity, embodiment, and conscious living.

It was quite a journey for me to get there. When I look back – I CAN’T BELIEVE IT – it was an FIVE-year process! And it’s not that I’ve got wiser or better educated – not at all. It was a process of taking down layers of wrong beliefs about myself. It was a process of accepting more who I’m truly am.
It involved more than five years of dancing, participating in various workshops, putting a lot of energy and money into my self-development processes, creating movement sessions and workshops – which was an excellent experience and self-training for me as well … listening, staying open to everything that was coming up and also learning from You!

If we ever met on the dance floor or in the virtual space – you were part of this process! You were a help, you were a mirror for me.

Thank you! I’m grateful for all what I received from you – all that helped me to stay on my path, to believe in myself, to learn and to get to the place where I’m right now.

Before I will show up again with creating my new classes and workshops – I will take a pause to celebrate, to contain and ground myself in that sacred space I belong.


I plan to come back with my movement sessions and workshops somewhere in the autumn of this year – after the first module of the Open Floor International training.

Meanwhile, I will be busy with organizing OF workshops in Berlin and of course, I will continue to be present in your e-mail box if you let me of course: )

I’m also busy with building a community of socially conscious entrepreneurs, people who DARE TO LIVE THEIR PASSION and make their living: Local Heroes.
But that’s another topic for another time. In the case you want to find out more now – let me know!

… till then and for now …

Let’s MOVE & INCLUDE … you and me, sorrow and joy, chaos and peace, connection and rejection … all craziness of this world … from shadow to light, for all of us and the sake of the transformation!

with gratitude,


Upcoming Open Floor workshops in Berlin: