What you celebrate – expands

Dear ones, it is official now. I made my decision.

Seems like the universe is calling me to do this time the Desire Map workshop on pay what you can basis.
I’m getting a lot of requests for this payment option.

Life is abundant and we have work to do in the world, so it’s Pay What You Can…DESIRE MAP WORKSHOP




It is rare opportunity, because with the next Desire Map workshop in September the price will go up. So, join us if you can now!

More about The Desire Map workshop click here

And there is more where it came from! Did you know that when you sign up to the workshop you get Desire Map e-book included?

So , why not to start now?

Send me the e-mail to tamara@livingfromyoursoul.org to book your place.

with lot’s of love, 

ps. You are your own form of media power. Please share generously and send your friends over : )