Why do we practice?

Nele Vandezande, Open Floor teacher from Belgium will be coming to teach in Berlin in October.

Today I was touched by her writing . It remained me Danielle’s text about why do we practice.

“After a day of chock, I try to remind and be aware : were are my feet, my ground. Movement is for me is a place where I practice that over and over again. To move from the frozen state to fluidity, to be able to stand tall, feel what is and be able to stay in contact with my real me and not the fear driven me, in contact with others. To connect and support, feel love, nourishing …. the heart and soul.

The songs of this beautiful artist is one I love to use to practice.”




Because the day will most certainly come, as it does whether you are a whole-hearted Lover or in denial of Grace, that you will be struck down or ground down by life. It can come in tiny tearing heartbreaks five times a day, just walking through your neighbourhood. It could come in the name of tragedy that could only happen once in a lifetime. 

You will be called on to expand. And this is why we practice. Danielle LaPorte


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