You know

I pre­pared the room as al­ways with lights, can­dles and a se­lec­tion of mu­sic which felt right for the mo­ment. A small un­cer­tainty crept up just mo­ments be­fore the class started. Will some­one come to­day? My classes are new, and I’m still build­ing my tribe in Berlin. So, far It hasn’t hap­pened that no one has shown up, but no one ever knows. Maybe this will be the day that I dance alone.

I hear a knock. “Hello, Wel­come” – I say.

There is a mo­ment of hes­i­ta­tion. “It’s just you and me to­day. We have the whole room and each other to ex­plore. Let’s have fun”.

It wasn’t dif­fi­cult. She took my in­vi­ta­tion and went fully into exploration.

She was very sen­si­tive and fa­mil­iar with her body. I didn’t have to urge or ex­plain how she should con­nect to her body. We started to com­mu­ni­cate im­me­di­ately with­out words.

Af­ter two hours of dy­namic di­a­logue, I felt as if I had known her for a long time, even though we had never spo­ken before.

She said, “I was at­tracted to your flyer that said, ‘Mov­ing with Desires’.

I’m so full of emo­tions, and I don’t know what I want. I don’t know what my truth is.”

I took a breath and I thought to my­self, yes – it can be very con­fus­ing when your heart is speak­ing loudly, and your mind wants to wan­der. I know that place. I’ve been there. It used to be so hard for me to an­swer, “What do I want in my life, what do I want for my­self?” Try­ing to find the an­swer to that ques­tion was like hit­ting my head against a wall.

When we dis­con­nect with our­selves and al­low our minds to take con­trol, we pun­ish our­selves . We might ex­pe­ri­ence a dis­con­nect that is hard to name or describe.

How can you stop it? Get out of your mind, let go and have the courage to lis­ten to your heart!

De­sire speaks di­rectly about what it wants. It doesn’t say, “I don’t want that, or maybe I want this.” De­sire is pos­i­tive and un­apolo­getic. This, it says. “I want this. I won’t set­tle for less than what I want.”

De­sire is the mes­sen­ger of the soul. If you trust it, lis­ten to it, re­spect it when it arises, and act on it, it will lead you to be­come the per­son you want to be – the per­son you truly are”. Hiro Boga

Con­nect to your body, dance, let your thoughts flow, lis­ten care­fully to the wis­dom of your heart. – You know.

Next Friday April 10th the floor is open for you! Come to the next class Moving with Desires and see what will arise.